Colin Holter is a musician and writer on music based in Moorhead, MN.

Chamber Music

Although I've written music for larger ensembles, I feel most at home as a composer in the world of chamber music. Here are a few recent pieces that I especially like. Live recordings are available through SoundCloud; scores are available from me by request.

The Senses Tablecloth

A duo for violin and piano named after a Victorian textile pattern.

Soul Music

My PhD dissertation, a piece for 17 musicians. Written for and premiered by the CMW at the University of Minnesota.

There's No Place

A string quartet that I started in 2008 and finished in 2011.

The Recording You Will Now Hear

This piece for Pierrot ensemble (with percussion) was awarded the Robb prize at UNM in 2011.

Let's Cathect

Let's Cathect is an ongoing project consisting of self-produced fixed-media collections. All Let's Cathect releases are available through Bandcamp for streaming and purchase.

Guitar Music EP

A small group of short pieces for digitally manipulated guitar.

Disavowal of Magical Practices

A set of electronic vignettes years in the making.

Cattle Chest

A collection of mash-ups that sample Let's Cathect.

Let's Cathect

An album of computer-assisted art-rock written by an algorithm and realized by me.


I'm a composer, writer, and sometime performer. I hold degrees in music from the University of Minnesota, Brunel University, the University of Illinois, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Click here to email me.